Lotte Leerschool

Liking the Same Thing

04-12 of Mai 2024

What makes me so skeptical about the line? The inflated discrepancy between the
canonized myth and the absent doodle? From both narratives, gestures can be
derived that only serve as a reference.
The pillars keep their promise. There is now so much distance in the room that
nothing can be verified, and everything can be relativized. No roller smoothes as well as a proper exposure to the light beam. This distance is necessary to see better. Some gestures curve their surroundings so gently, that only the line stands out – everything else is ponderous or labored. And yes, the environment reacts to even the smallest interventions. A well-tested strategy is the use of noise to normalize the noise. The core does not disappear though. More diffuse at first,
it rears up against, but it becomes risky when it immerses itself in the
underground. To avoid this, winding ropes of reality are fixed to frame it on a coloured background. Some claim that there is only one original! It prefers to stay at home: Cuddle by candlelight, variations in familiar interiority, liking the same thing, caresses in a gentle swell and the same wavelength.
In contrast
we trust.