Rindon Johnson, Give Chase, 26.08.2022 – 25.09.2022

“Hides have been inscribed with cultural significance for millennia: this occurs quite literally, as their use as parchment has been a way to preserve knowledge, and through their essential function as a means for survival in the form of clothing or mobile shelters. Throughout his long artistic engagement with leather, the artist Rindon Johnson has continuously highlighted the medium as a site of interaction between the body and its environment – a contested boundary between the individual and the social. As the art historian Thomas Love explicates, contrary to the material’s possibly life-sustaining qualities, Johnson’s solo exhibition at GUTS uses cowhide to suggest how our skin becomes embroiled in inhospitable systems and to confront bodies with the necropolitics of industrial production, colonial as well as neocolonial extraction, and climate change.”


We hibernate till spring...

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We conceived Guts as a seasonal piece because we like the social encounters around exhibitions to be open, warm, and welcoming. At the same time, we strive to offer a focused and concentrated artistic experience. That’s why the opening takes place in the courtyard, while the exhibition is accessible by elevator. This distance allows us to see more.
Hibernation is part of our cycle and our economy. It reminds us that our resources are limited. And because we don’t want anyone to stay in a cold yard, we’re waiting for warmer days to return.

See you in spring!